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Age Range:
6 weeks - 1 year
Areas of Learning:

Baby Signs®

Social Stimulation

Motor Skills Development

Every day at Wellspring Children’s Academy is a new adventure for our infants. Children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore their environment is encouraged and stimulated by nurturing, educated and experienced caregivers. Our program provides a safe and loving environment that is bright, clean, and colorful.

Through daily written and verbal communication you will be informed about every part of your baby’s day. We ensure that you remain the most significant and important adult in your baby’s life.

Research has shown that children’s first three years are critical to their development and their future success. At Wellspring Children’s Academy, we take that job very seriously. While exploring their play area, full of stimulating toys, babies are encouraged to develop at their own pace. Caregivers inspire development by singing, reading stories, playing games and planning special activities. Most of all they spend much of their day cuddling and talking to babies instilling trust, security and providing comfort.

Understanding your baby’s needs is very important and sometimes frustrating for parents and caregivers alike. Using Baby Signs® helps parents and caregivers to understand what your baby wants or needs.